Software Solutions

In the digital age, software is the backbone of progress. Dezzeloper is at the forefront of crafting bespoke software solutions that empower organizations to thrive in a dynamic environment. From intuitive user interfaces to complex backend systems, our team of seasoned developers and engineers harness the power of technology to solve your unique challenges, driving efficiency and fostering growth.

Multi-Tier Application

A multi-tier application is used to divide an enterprise application into two or more components that may be separately developed and executed. In general, the tiers in a multi-tier application include the following:

  • Presentation tier: Provides basic user interface and application access services
  • Application processing tier: Possesses the core business or applicationlogic
  • Data access tier: Provides the mechanism used to access and process data
  • Data tier: Holds and manages data that is at rest This division allows each component/tier to be separately developed, tested, executed and reused.

Support large-capacity data

  1. Support tens of thousands of workstations to operate concurrently.
  2. With data Increase the speed of the station machine as fast.
  3. Super data acquisition platform.

Web Application Development

Digital Data Systems web application development services include everything from a simple content website application to the complex e-business and social network applications. Our aim is to provide you the best solution that not only exceeds you expectation but satisfies your users and customers as well. We have expert web application developers with diverse projects experience. The focus on product innovation allows us to develop unique and efficient web applications that can satisfy all your business requirements.

Our Expertise Areas

  1. Software Consultancy
  2. Application Integration
  3. Application Maintenance
  4. Applications for Social Networking
  5. Enterprise Portal Development
  6. E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions
  7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  8. Interactive Learning (E-Learning) Solutions

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps can help your business in a number of ways. There is a huge market of users around the world who are performing many of their daily tasks on their smart phones and tablets. We at Digital Data Systems understand the dynamics of the mobile apps market and offer our services at competitive prices. We also understand the mobile users’ mind and thus design and develop the most user friendly applications on the store.

Our Expertise Areas

  1. Design, build, test and deploy all kinds of mobile apps.
  2. Offer app development .
  3. Exceed customer expectations and fulfill business requirements.
  4. Deliver results.
  5. Offer quick and efficient solutions.

Desktop Application

We offer platform-specific and cross-platform desktop app development services to help you turn a solid software idea into a market sensation, as well as couple your manufactured devices and equipment with complementary software to gain customer loyalty and outdo competitors. Following the time-tested procedures of architectural sessions, code review, writing self-documenting code, and unit testing, we organize our team’s efforts to deliver maintainable software with a clear and unified code structure.


  1. Windows (7, 8, 10)
  2. Linux
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Android


C++  is the most popular option as it is a number-one technology for cross-platform desktop app development. It allows building high performing applications thanks to its capabilities, as well as helps to reduce costs with one source code base for all platforms.

.NET WPF is used for development for Windows platform when a tight and seamless integration of the desktop application with Microsoft products is needed.

Our Expertise Areas

  1. Work on separate parts of the Customer’s project, e.g. testing, delivery of a platform-specific version or application maintenance.
  2. Augmentation of the Customer’s IT team at any project stage to bring in particular competencies or experience.
  3. High-performance. With desktop apps being on average faster and more powerful than their web counterparts, we make sure our solutions are capable of solving complex tasks quickly.
  4. User convenience. All our apps undergo scrupulous planning and extensive testing to make sure they are easy-to-use.
  5. Security. With verified experience in information security, we place a high value on multilayer protection of delivered offline apps.
  6. Smooth integration. To ensure that the deliverables conveniently fit user activities, we create desktop applications that can easily integrate with other out-of-the-box or custom enterprise software.


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